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Erecta is natural genetic variation of Typica found in Java in 1913. The branches form an angle of about 25º with the main stem so that the fruiting branches are rather erect, like pointing to the sky, hence the name Erecta for this coffee. The trees are susceptible to be grounded by wind and are poor yielders. The beans are more slender than those of Typica. Total Nitrogen content in its green bean is superior than that of other coffee varieties.

Morphological Characteristics

Slender, tall stature plant

Long and slender shaped beans

Branch buds widely spaced

Branches insertion angle

with the main stem is

very acute, just 25° degrees

Branches & cherries

seem to be

pointing to the sky


long and


Plant tips leaves of

reddish colour like Typica

Some coffee cherries present

a crown-like structure

Total Nitrogen content is 65%

higher than that of other coffees